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New Website Rates Emanuel Job Performance

CHICAGO (CBS) -- As Mayor Rahm Emanuel approaches his one-year anniversary in office, a new website has been launched that allows the public to rate his performance.

So far, according to users of Keeping Tabs On Rahm, the verdict is: average overall--with poorer marks for crime, education and good government.

The site, which bills itself as a non-profit, non-partisan site, is designed to eliminate the traditional polling-style rating system, with a simple five-star review system.

5 stars=Great job
4 stars=Good job
3 stars=Average job
2 stars=Poor job
1 star=Terrible job

Users are asked to rate Emanuel on a variety of topics, all based on his campaign platform. He generally gets three stars on several categories. Three notable exceptions: just over two stars for "Good Government" and just under 2.5 stars for "Crime Plan" and a similar rating for "Education."

Emanuel has been battling with the teachers union over implementing a longer school day and has been faced with the task of trying to reduce a chronic gang violence problem.

As of Wednesday afternoon, voting was fairly limited--with fewer than 75 votes cast on the most popular category--Education. is created by the same people who crated

"The vision is to keep the administration 'in check' for a potentially lengthy tenure in office due to lack of term limits in Chicago," according to the TabsOnRahm website.

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