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New Footage Of Brickyard Violence Shows Another Woman Slapping Officer

CHICAGO (CBS) -- There is new video of a Chicago police arrest that sparked controversy.

The video shows officers walking in the parking lot of the Brickyard Mall on Sunday, then suddenly running to the car driven by Tnika Tate. Her car goes in reverse and then stop once it's surrounded by officers.

Tate's cousin, Mia Wright, was pulled out of the vehicle after officers used batons to smash the windows. There's also video of another woman slapping an officer.

She is neither Tate nor Wright.

James Smith recorded it all from his car.

"That young lady, she just got off work. She was walking up. We didn't' know her," Smith said. "I didn't see her get out of that car. She walked up and saw a woman getting thrown to the ground by police."

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) has launched an investigation.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Police Superintendent David Brown are asking people to not rush to judgment before the investigation is completed.

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