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'A Lot Of Tarping And Boarding': With Rain Coming, Naperville Residents Cover Damaged Homes

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Workers in Naperville are racing against time, hoping to salvage homes already damaged by Sunday night's tornado.

CBS 2's Jim Williams reports rain predicted for Thursday will surely make things worse for some homeowners hit hardest.

The tornado knocked out windows and roofs, so homeowners are making sure they're sealed before the rain comes.

"In the last 48 hours, we've just been going down this block."

On this one block alone in Naperville, Chad Mogan said his home restoration service patched up 12 houses.

"A lot of tarping and boarding to make sure rain stays out," Morgan said. "And we want to make sure they're safe and livable for the homeowners so they can keep these homes and they don't have to be condemned."

Nearly three days after the tornado knocked out windows and punched holes in roof, it's a race against time.

Trying to beat the rain, which would make a difficult situation here much worse.

"Because if the rain gets in through this tarps or through the actual foundation of the home, the house is completely useless and will have to be torn down."


Homeowner Aaron DeMent stayed ahead of the rain making sure a hole in his roof was covered before the downpour.

"This was good timing," DeMent said.

Volunteers are working furiously, clearing away downed trees.

Among the 231 structures that were damaged here in Naperville,143 had what was described as major damage.

"Working really, really hard."

Even working through the light afternoon drizzle. Jamal Jones is with the World Mission Society Church of God.

They've been out here for three days.

"We had a little bad weather earlier but rain, snow, we'll be here to help the people no matter what the weather."

City crews will be out until 8:00 Wednesday night cleaning up, and said they'll work through out the wet


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