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Naperville North H.S. Students Sickened After Eating Tainted Gummy Bears

CHICAGO (CBS) -- More than a dozen Naperville North High School students were taken to the hospital on Tuesday after they ate gummy bears that apparently were laced with another substance.

Students told police that the candy was laced with marijuana, but investigators have not confirmed that information. Police have confiscated samples of the candy for testing.

A 17-year-old student was questioned and released to his parents. All of the students who became ill were released from Edward Hospital later Tuesday.

Dr. Daryl Wilson, director of EMS at the hospital, says the students had symptoms of having ingested a "non-toxic intoxicant."

Each teen said they had consumed just one gummy bear.

"You eat gummy bears, those are pretty tasty. Why would you want to have just one -- unless you know there's something else in the gummy bear?" Wilson said.

Naperville North High School said several students became "both uncomfortable and sick" after eating gummy bears "that may contain another substance."

Fourteen students were taken to the nurse's office, and 13 of them were later taken to Edward Hospital as a precaution.

The students experienced symptoms ranging from rapid heart rate, dizziness and dry mouth.

"Anytime we have students who are put in a situation where their health is at risk, their health is questioned, I am disappointed," Naperville School District 203 Supt. Dan Bridges said.

He says the incident is an opportunity for parents to have a conversation with their children.

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