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Go Bananas Owner Makes Security Changes After Violent Viral Video

CHICAGO (CBS) -- After a video of a recent brutal fight at Go Bananas in Norridge went viral, the community is calling for the owner to shut it down.

But he said not so fast. It's a story you'll see only on CBS 2. Lauren Victory has the story from Norridge.

The owner said he's aware he's under scrutiny by village leaders and his landlord. He showed CBS 2 he already fixed a faulty emergency exit after he was cited by fire officials and made some major security changes.

At Go Bananas, there's a shiny new attraction.

"We've increased our on-site security which are off-duty policemen," said owner Jerrold Marks, who invited only CBS 2 into the popular children's play place to discuss the aftermath of a very adult situation at Go Bananas.

"I was very upset what happened last Saturday," said Marks who added that he's pressing charges after the birthday brawl.

"Because we want people to know if they want to make trouble in Norridge and they want to make trouble in Go Bananas that there will be consequences."

He also asked the now full-time security guards to train staff members.

"They will cover everything from having fire drills to what to do if there is a disturbance to how to talk to the police and how to handle different situations," said Marks.

But is it too late?

Earlier in the week, Norridge's mayor said he's considering revoking Go Banana's business license and more than 4,500 people signed an online petition to shut it down.

A CBS 2 review of records showed 39 calls for service at Go Bananas in a 2 1/2 year period. Most cases concerned theft but some involved fist fights.

Why about the most recent incident made him want to make big changes?

"Very honestly, it was discussions with the Village of Norridge and coming to a conclusion that we need to do better," said Marks.

Norridge's police chief told Marks that he was aware of the changes. The chief said he passed those on to village leaders.

Calls to the mayor were not returned.


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