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Michael Blackman Charged With Attempted Murder In Shooting Of Police Officer, Earlier Shooting Of Woman In Fulton River District

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Michael Blackman, 45, has been charged with several felonies in the shooting of a Chicago police officer this weekend, and the shooting of a 28-year-old woman last week in the Fulton River District.

Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Blackman has been charged with five charges of attempted first degree murder. He was denied bail at a bond hearing Monday afternoon.

At a press conference Monday morning, First Deputy Supt. Anthony Riccio said officers "stopped at nothing to find Blackman to bring him to justice."

Blackman was arrested Saturday after a chase and shootout with police Saturday afternoon near 64th and Bell in the Englewood neighborhood, after earlier shooting a police officer who was trying to serve an arrest warrant.

Police said Blackman shot a 40-year-old police officer Saturday morning in the 1900 block of West 65th Street while the officer was serving an arrest warrant in a burglary case and following up on the shooting of a 28-year-old woman last week.

Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said the wounded officer had the "self awareness to make his own tourniquet while his partners maintained pressure on the gunshot wound on the way to the hospital."

The officer was rushed to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where his condition was stabilized after surgery. Doctors said the officer had wounds to his left groin as well as two holes in his left lower leg that involved one of the largest veins in the leg.

She said the officer came in bleeding to death and was taken right to surgery. The officer also has significant fractures in the leg.

Meantime, police continued a manhunt for Blackman, and obtained surveillance video of him going through a vacant lot in the 6400 block of South Hoyne. The video did not show Blackman leaving the area, so that's where police and federal agents focused t heir manhunt.

When police searched the area Saturday afternoon, they stumbled across Blackman, and got into a shootout. Blackman was shot and suffered a broken leg. He was taken to Christ Medical Center in critical condition.

Chicago Police Deputy Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan explained police suspect the "best motive" behind Blackman's seemingly random shooting of a 28-year-old woman in Fulton River District last week might have to do with his job as a Jimmy John's delivery person.

Police have said Blackman shot the woman in the back as she was walking to lunch last Wednesday near Milwaukee Avenue and Lake Street. She survived and was treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Prosecutors said she suffered multiple broken ribs, and a torn artery and nerve in her chest. She has lost some feeling and mobility and her right hand.

Deenihan said Blackman has delivered to the female victim's building several times. In the past, Blackman had issues with security at her building, because he refused to show an ID.

"Her building has very tight security and he has problems with the security officers every time he goes to deliver his Jimmy Johns there," said Deenihan. "Security always had a problem with him at this building."

Police said this motive is based on speculation and has not been confirmed.

Police said Blackman shot the woman from behind, so she was unable to identify him as the shooter.

In the days before Blackman's arrest, Chicago police had released surveillance video of the gunman who shot the 28-year-old woman. Deenihan said Itasca police informed detectives that gunman strongly resembled a suspect they wanted for a burglary.

"Itasca PD should be credited with identifying this offender," Deenihan said.

After the shootout with Blackman, police recovered a weapon connected to all three incidents -- the Fulton River District shooting, the shooting of the police officer, and the later shootout. Police said it is unknown where he got the gun, but can confirm he illegally owned the gun due to his status as a convicted felon.

Police recovered Blackman's handgun along with three fired cartidge cases and his backpack. The clothing recovered in the backpack matched the clothing the defendant was wearing during the Milwaukee Avenue shooting.

Police said the officer who was shot is still in intensive care and went through a second surgery.

"We are very optimistic about his recovery," Riccio said.


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