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Mayor Emanuel Plans To Create City ID Cards To Protect Undocumented Immigrants

CHICAGO (CBS) – Mayor Emanuel is upping the ante in his battle with the Trump Administration over illegal immigration.

He is moving toward creating a municipal ID that is available to undocumented residents. CBS 2's political reporter Derrick Blakley reports.

In the Mexican-American community of Little Village, some applaud Mayor Emanuel's proposal for a city ID card.

"I think people will come out of the shadows and this form of ID verifies who they are and they belong to the city," said Dale Asis, who works in Little Village.

A city ID, says the mayor, reflects the Chicago's history of support for immigrants.

"It stands not only to the values of the city, but also the opportunities of the City of Chicago," Emanuel said.

But in Little Village, there is also fear any ID could be a tool for deportation.

"A trap or just to find out where you are, make it easier for ICE to find you and that is it, you know?" said Roman Villarreal, Little Village residents.

"If ICE gets a hold of it, they could come and raid your home for no reason and the city cannot do anything about it," said Juan Alvarado, student.

And it could further irritate the Trump Administration, which this week threatened to cancel federal aid to cities like Chicago that provide sanctuary for the undocumented.

"When cities and states refuse to help enforce immigration laws our nation is less safe," said U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

But Mayor Emanuel indicated, he believe that threat may not stand up.

"I think we are on strong legal ground as it related to our ordinance and our ability to continue to receive funding in the law enforcement area," Emanuel said.

Mayor Emanuel referring to the Chicago's sanctuary city ordinance.

As for the city ID program, details are still being developed. But City Clerk Anna Valencia said the city will review, but will not sore applicants' addresses or phone numbers to reassure immigrants that information cannot be used to aid deportation.

The mayor pointed out, ex-offenders and the homeless would also benefit from being able to get a city ID.

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