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Looting Continues In Chicago Even As Businesses Clean Up Following Violent Protests

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Looting is continuing in neighborhoods across Chicago even as businesses and volunteers clean up following violent protests Saturday night.

Protesters could be seen Saturday night setting cars on fire, breaking into stores and looting, prompting the city to put a curfew in place until further notice.

Around 5 a.m., before the curfew was lifted for the day, CBS 2's Vi Nguyen saw a woman stealing perfume from Macy's in the Loop. She later spotted more looters at Best Buy in the South Loop.

Sunday afternoon Chopper 2 spotted police responding as looters broke into City Sports at 47th and King Drive.

A number of people, some wearing masks, could also be seen running in and out of Home Depot at the Dan Ryan and 87th. They grabbed boxes and items to bring out. One man was even using a card to bring a large item out.

CBS 2's Megan Hickey spotted more looters who had broken through a metal shutter at the Verizon store at 87th and the Dan Ryan.

She also saw looting at Lake Meadows shopping plaza in Bronzeville as well as in the Chatham neighborhood. There was extensive looting including grocery stores, beauty supply shops and others as people loaded their cars with armfuls of goods.

There were a lot of hostile interactions between those looters and the Chicago police who were called in to protect the stores.

Residents who live in the area said the level of destruction was unlike anything they have seen. They are also asking, where they are now going to shop and buy food to feed there families. Others say it's wrong, but they understand why it's happening.

"This is what you see when you have a system that hasn't worked for the people," said Joseph Williams. "We are seeing our communities right now be destroyed because people honestly have been needing these resources forever. I'm not saying it's right, but at the end of the day I completely understand it. I want people to make sure while they're out here, just be safe while you're out here."

In an effort to stop the violence and looting Gov. JB Pritzker called in the National Guard to support Chicago police in maintaining a perimeter around the city's central business district. The city announced that multiple routes to the central business districts will be temporarily reduced.

For complete coverage of the situation in Minneapolis visit and stream CBSN Minnesota.

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