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Lane Blocking Increasing In Part To Loop Link, City Plans To Increase Parking Fines

Chicago (CBS) – The city of Chicago is cracking down on drivers who block entire lanes of traffic in the Loop.

Lane blocking and double parking have become bigger issues in recent years thanks, in part, to Loop link, the designated bus lanes meant to speed up the rush hour commute between Metra stations and Michigan Avenue.

Many drivers are complaining that lanes are consistently blocked and people are parking in lanes that are not parking spaces. With new parking and bike lanes, along with Loop link, streets that are four lanes are sometimes narrowed down to two, limiting the flow of traffic.

Fines for double parking in the Loop currently cost $100, but that fine may triple if City Council votes 'yes' to the ticket increase.

"We have to take every step we can to keep the flow of traffic moving and to work with what we've inherited, which is a street grid that isn't going to get any bigger," explains 2nd Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins.

A CTA spokesperson says buses are moving faster now, but didn't have any data available at this time to support that statement.

The City Council will vote on imposing the new $300 fine today.

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