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Lightfoot After Johnson Was Found In Vehicle: 'The Superintendent Is Very Much On The Job'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The future remained uncertain Monday for Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who admitted to Mayor Lori Lightfoot that he had drinks and then got behind the wheel -- only later to be found slumped over in his car.

CBS 2 political investigator Dana Kozlov went to his boss to ask: Is Johnson on his way out?

Almost five days after Johnson was found slumped behind the wheel of his car, Mayor Lightfoot addressed speculation he's set to resign or retire.

"The superintendent is very much on the job. As is the first deputy, because that was another rumor I heard over the weekend. Let's be fair. These are two human beings who work their butts off for the city of Chicago and they're doing their jobs," Lightfoot said. "So speculation, that's not helpful."

Johnson initially said he fell asleep behind the wheel of his parked city issued car because of a blood pressure medicine-related matter. Then, a day later, Mayor Lightfoot acknowledged Johnson told her he'd also been drinking.

What happened when officers responded to that 911 call is now the focus of an internal investigation.

Responding officers were wearing their body cameras. But at a crowded morning event, the mayor wouldn't say if she's seen that video.  Sources said several layers of police command were called to that scene.

Last week, Johnson said officers ultimately let him drive himself home and did not give him a breathalyzer.

"It's now, I think today, formally  going into the hands of the city's Inspector General, as mandated by the Consent Decree," Lightfoot said. "That investigation has to be fair. It has to be independent and it has to be expeditious and it can't do that if I continuing to talk about it."

Sources also said an ambulance was not called to the scene to evaluate Superintendent Johnson for any medical issue or impairment that could have affected his drive home.

However, a CPD spokesperson said an ambulance was on the scene, but wouldn't say if paramedics actually checked Johnson out.

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