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License Plate Covers, Phone Apps Used To Evade Speed Cameras

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Speed cameras are the city's latest attack on your pocketbook. They say it's for safety but it will also generate piles of cash. But drivers are finding ways to avoid paying the fines.

James Steitz says his license plate covers work against both red light cameras and speed cameras in Chicago.

"The goal of the plate is to distort the license plates from the red light cameras and speed cameras," said Steitz.

From straight on the license plate is clearly visible. But from the sides or on an angle, where the cameras would shoot, it is distorted.

"So far in the city of Chicago I've sold 25," said Steitz.

Mike Brockway is known as the 'Parking Ticket Geek.' He has also researched the alleged fixers.

Brockway says the license plate sprays don't work, but the covers do.

"If it didn't work, why was there a law passed?" Brockway said.

There's actually a state law against them, but he says it is rarely used.

Brockway says there is an app called iRadar that sends a warning to your phone of nearby cameras.

"It's a warning system based on GPS," said Brockway.

It's all in the new bag of tricks versus Big Brother's latest.

"My goal is to basically make a living on this and sell a lot of them," said Steitz.

It cost $30 -- less than any ticket penalty cost.

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