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Social media star apologizes to Chicago after trying deep dish pizza, says it's better than New York

Social media star schooled on Chicago-style pizza
Social media star schooled on Chicago-style pizza 01:28

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Social media star Jordan Howlett, known as Jordan the Stallion8, caused a ruckus after claiming that New York pizza was better than Chicago pizza without ever having tried pizza in Chicago.

"I said that New York pizza was better than Chicago pizza, because I couldn't imagine pizza tasting good with the sauce on top instead of in between," he said in a video posted to his social media accounts. "Someone from Chicago told me I'm not allowed to go and try Chicago pizza because of that statement, but don't tell me to do, alright? So I'm going to try it."

After being dragged on social media, he made his way to Chicago and headed straight from the airport to Lou Malnati's, where he dove into a deep dish pie.

"That's the most delicious thing I've ever tasted in my life. Yeah, this is better than New York pizza. I'd like to issue an apology to the people of Chicago. Your pizza is way better. This is good stuff," he said.

You'd think it would have ended there, case closed, right? But the journey continued after a Chicagoan schooled Jordan on what Chicagoans consider the best Chicago pizza: thin crust.

"So it turns out I was sadly mistaken," Howlett said. "I thought this entire time, Chicago-style pizza was deep dish pizza."

Howlett said, after a security guard in Chicago told him deep dish pizza is for tourists, he decided to try out thin crust pizza from Parlor Pizza.

"I cried halfway through. I can't go back to regular pizza. I'm not leaving Chicago. This is so good," he said.

The problem is, Parlor Pizza isn't even Chicago tavern-style thin crust pizza. It's Neopolitan wood-fired pizza cut into triangles, not tavern-style pizza with a cracker-thin crust, cut into squares.

So will Howlett finally try out Chicago's favorite style of pizza and let us know what he thinks?

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