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Is The NFL's Campaign For Breast Cancer Awareness Really A Scam?

(WSCR) October is breast cancer awareness month, and with that, the NFL has decided to pitch in to raise both money and awareness for breast cancer research.

But how much of that money is actually going to find a cure for breast cancer? According to a report, not very much.

Every October, NFL teams sport pink shoes, gloves, towels, hats and shirts, all designed to raise money and awareness. The NFL's fundraising effort is multifaceted: There's the off-field auction of autographed NFL paraphernalia and there's the NFL online store that entices shoppers to purchase officially licensed NFL breast cancer gear.

A report from Business Insider revealed that 5% of purchases of officially licensed gear go back to the American Cancer Society. The rest of the cash goes directly into the NFL's pockets.

Through four seasons of this pink initiative, the NFL has raised just $3 million for breast cancer research. To put that into perspective, the NFL made $9.5 billion last year.

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