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Is 'Big Brother' Watching You Eat? Diet Firm Monitors Clients Over The Internet

CHICAGO (CBS) -- After all the holiday cookies, candies and eggnog, we're entering that time of year when folks resolve to take off those extra pounds.

Just in time for that resolution is a new, tech-based diet from an Illinois-based company. CBS 2's Kristyn Hartman reports it's tough to cheat this system.

In this George Jetson approach to weight loss, Mark Achler is Skyping with a nutritionist. It's part of a new diet plan called "Retrofit."

Achler says he's doing it for health reasons and vanity reasons.

And over two months, he's lost 13 pounds. But it's not just by Skyping. He also carries a Fit Bit that tracks his miles walked and calories burned.

The data gets beamed back to his team, including the nutritionist, an exercise specialist and a psychologist, who might advise on how to make better eating choices.

"There's no smoke and mirrors there,"says Dr. Robert Kushner, a Retrofit advisory board member. "They know exactly what's going on, and there's a bit of honesty there and accountability that's going to guide people to weight loss."

Kushner discourages comparisons to "Big Brother."

"Big Brother has this idea, 'We're watching you all the time,' and of course we're not," he says.

But if the numbers show something like your workouts need to be more intense, they tell you.

They also know your scale strides.

"There is a scale that is hooked up to the Internet, and when I step on it my weight automatically put up on the Internet," Achler says. "There's no hiding."

So if you fall of the wagon, they guide you back on track. And it's all one-on-one, right from your home.

The cost for a basic yearlong plan is about $3,000. Though insurance won't cover it, some "flex" spending plans may reimburse clients.

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