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Identical Twin Cubs Fans Dreaming Of Twin World Series Titles

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Hey, hey! Cubs fans are raising a glass to the late Harry Caray and toasting the World Series champions at their annual toast to the Hall of Fame broadcaster on Thursday.

Caray's identical twin great grandsons and the twin sons of the late Ernie Banks, "Mr. Cub," will be hoisting a glass for the theme "Let's Win Two," a nod to Banks' trademark phrase, "Let's play two!"

Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse in River North invited identical twin Cubs fans to be part of this year's celebration of Caray's life, hoping for identical twin World Series titles for the Cubs.

"This is wonderful," Jerry Banks said. "It's really nice to be able to come and continue on with the legacy of my father, as well as be a part of this wonderful event with all these twins."

His brother, Joey Banks, predicted back-to-back World Series championships for the Cubs.

"They've loaded up, and we'll see how they do," he said. "Hopefully they stay healthy."

The Banks brothers will be joined by Caray's identical twin great grandsons, Harry Caray IV and Stefan Caray.

"It means a lot," Harry Caray IV said. "I think it's crazy that so many people love him, and enjoy him all across the world. I've seen the pictures, I've seen the people, and I've seen the spirit and color of Chicago. So it's fantastic to be in this event."

At least 20 sets of identical twins turned out Thursday morning.

Debra Zawacki and Donna Hyson dressed accordingly to join in on the fun, donning matching oversized Harry Caray glasses and Holy Cow! outfits.

"Twinning is winning, and we're going to bring in wins for the Cubs. Two wins for the Cubs," Zawacki said.

Aside from toasting the Cubs together, fans got to see new team memorabilia at Harry Caray's.

"It was 1907 and 1908 they won back-to-back World Series championships, and for the first time ever, we're displaying to the public together the 1907 and 1908 last-out balls," said CEO Grant DePorter.

The annual Harry Caray toast was scheduled for 6:30 p.m., but the party started long before that, with fans showing up to Harry Caray's before dawn.

Hall of Fame second baseman Ryne Sandberg will lead the toast with a rendition of Caray's favorite song, "Take Me Out To The Ballgame."

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