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Homeless Man Wins Lottery In Bloomington

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (CBS) -- A Pastor from DeKalb says he saw something on Thursday night that he won't ever forget, an event that he says put a smile on the face of a man who needed to smile.

Homeless Man Wins Lottery In Bloomington

The Rev. Greg Davis of United Pentecostal Church in Dekalb stopped at a gas station in Bloomington on Thursday night.

"I was standing behind a man who was obviously homeless for a couple of different reasons you could tell he was certainly down on his luck," said Davis.

The man was having the clerk check his lottery ticket.

"He says 'What did I win?' $50,000. I thought he was having a heart attack. First of all he wouldn't say anything for a little bit he was just stunned and then he just started saying 'Wow. Wow. Wow. Are you sure? $50,000,'" said Davis.

An Easter surprise, Davis calls it. The man's name is Dennis and he has been living in a tent. Davis says he was just smiling from ear to ear.

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