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Home Owner Has To Deal With Another Bogus Eviction Attempt

(CBS) -- Earlier this week we told you about a 31-year-old homeowner in the Avondale neighborhood who's been forced into court to fight eviction notices filed by someone who hasn't owned the property in years.

When we last spoke with Phillip Keefe, he'd received three eviction summonses from a woman who doesn't live in or own his house.

Now, he's gotten a fourth.

"So I'm here with you today about to head up to the Cook County (Circuit) Court Clerk's office," Keefe explains, "just to figure out how they've allowed her to file four summonses for my eviction when three times they've been dismissed by a judge.  And they've told her she's no longer allowed to even do this."

Then, two hours went by at the Daley Center offices of the County Circuit Court Clerk.

"The clerk's office had admitted that this should not be happening and that there are no mechanisms in place in order to prevent something like this from happening," Keefe says.

The court clerk's advice to him: Tell it to the judge.

All of which costs him time and money away from his job.

"It's a waste of time. Not just mine, but the city's. It's a waste of money. Not just mine but the city's," he says.

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