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HempMeds Rolls Out Pot For Pets

(CBS) -- It heals your pet without the high.

"Our products contain cannabidiol or CBD which is one of the main medical components in hemp," said Andrew Hard, Director of Public Relations for HempMeds™.

From separation anxiety to noise phobia, to arthritis to cancer, hemp based products are becoming more popular to treat all kinds of pet disorders.

"We developed this after looking at the safety and advocacy of this nutrient, it just made sense to try and try and treat the whole house with this gift of nature," said Dr. Rob Streisfeld, Natural Products Industry consultant.


HempMeds rolled out their newest hemp based products at last week's Petfood 2.0 tradeshow in Chicago. Streisfeld says so far, it's been well received.

"At first, people are shocked we are talking about cannibis in pets but once we tell them we aren't getting their dogs and cats high, they want to understand what are some of the wellness and health benefits of the product. Some of these issues some of these pet owners are plagued with, they are very common and if CBD can offer a solution in a safe and effective way, they are all ears," said Dr. Streisfeld.

HempMeds is the world's first line of pet-focused products featuring CBD-rich hemp oil. Streisfeld says he's working with veterinarians on clinical trials and research.

"Some veterinarians have recommended hemp-based supplements for dogs experiencing anxiety or pain. Some little dogs with anxiety or a fear of thunderstorms or what have you have shown a more calm demeanor, combine that with omega-3 and they have shinier coats, some show less joint pain."

HempMeds come in the form of oils and powders that can be sprinkled on a pet's food. HempMeds is available in all 50 states and in 40 countries.

Experts urge pet owners to consult your veterinarian before giving your pet any hemp products.

Colorado and Washington have legalized and regulated cannabis for human recreational use — and 22 states, including Illinois, allow for some form of medical marijuana. But no federal or state agency has made any provisions for the pet supplement industry.

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