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Hawk Harrelson On State Of Chicago Baseball: 'Wonderful Next Decade'

(670 The Score) About a month ago, White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson saw Cubs owner Tom Ricketts at an event.

Harrelson had some kind words and also a message for Ricketts.

"I congratulated him on winning a world championship (in 2016), and I also told him at the end that two years from now, our club is going to have a lot of fun playing his," Harrelson said. "Because they're not going anywhere. They're good. And that makes it good for us, because it makes us have to get better. And when you have to get better, it makes you work a little harder, sub-consciously or consciously. That's the way sports is. It's the inner drive, it's that extra."

Harrelson believes the White Sox are "going to be a monster" in two years, and he knows the Cubs will be in championship contention as well.

"Chicago fans are going to to have a wonderful next decade in baseball," Harrelson said. "I mean, they're going to have a lot of fun."

Of course, Harrelson won't be in attendance to broadcast that fun matchup between the White Sox and Cubs from May 11-13, because it's being played at Wrigley Field. And that's a place he has a longstanding grudge against.

""I told ya, I will never step foot in Wrigley Field again as long as I live," Harrelson said. "You couldn't pay me to go to Wrigley Field again."

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