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Man Shot Dead On Red Line Train At Garfield Stop During Afternoon Rush

CHICAGO (CBS) -- In a horrific scene on the Red Line Thursday, a man was shot and killed on a CTA train at the Garfield stop along the Dan Ryan Expressway during the afternoon rush.

As CBS 2's Jermont Terry reported, police the man was targeted by three assailants as he rode north on the Red Line at said at 4:18 p.m. We know at least one of the assailants brought a gun onto the train, and used it.

It was not clear Thursday night why the shooting happened. But those who hop on the Red Line from any station heading south were beyond worried about the murder Thursday night.

At the height of the evening commute Thursday, a Chicago Transit Authority Red Line train came to a sudden stop at the Garfield Boulevard station. We spotted officers at the station after gunshots went off aboard the train.

"I stop there every single day at that time," said Sara Saenger. "I'm scared, actually."

Saenger did not witness the shooting. Yet hearing three men – one with a gun – targeted a man and shot and killed him in front of passengers leaves her terrified.

She said in her experience, police officers on the train are not a common sight.

"Bot often, actually - not every day," Saenger said.

Yet on Thursday, plenty of Chicago Police officers were on the scene trying to piece together which direction the trio took off running.

The investigation shut down portions of the Red Line. As the afternoon and evening rush wore on, there was no service between the Sox-35th and 63rd stations – with service running in two segments to the north and south. Service going south from the Sox-35th segment was halted not long after a White Sox game against the Oakland A's at Guaranteed Rate Field got out.

The Garfield stop was closed, and red police tape cordoned off its entrance.

The CTA brought in shuttle buses, leaving many riders with an exhausted commute home.

"Twenty minutes waiting at each stop from since downtown," said Trashaun Graves.

That was how long Graves spent at every station trying to get to 95th Street. He finally exited at 47th Street.

"This is not my stop, but I'm getting off at this stop because I'm tired of being on the train," Graves said.

He is also tired of the senseless shootings around Chicago – now spilling onto the 'L.'

"I love Chicago, but this has got to stop," Graves said. "It has to stop."

Graves also said he does not see police officers on the trains.

"Never, never - and there's so much other things that's going on that makes you not want to ride the train," he said. "So it's like a double edge sword - you're afraid for your safety, your wellbeing, and dealing with other people, you know, doing illegal things on the train.

The CTA train and bus unions have been calling for better protection – even requesting armed security. Right now, riders just want to feel safe.

"They need to put more police officers on the tracks, period," Graves said, "because this is getting ridiculous. It makes you not even want to travel the local transportation anymore."

No one was in custody Thursday night. The victim's name and age have not been released.

Police are looking over surveillance video, but have not been able to release an image or video of the suspects.

No other passengers on the Red Line train were injured.


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