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Future Looks Bright For Chicago Physical Therapists

The need for physical therapists in Chicago is continually growing; the quickly aging population in Chicago and the rise of health awareness makes the need for occupational titles at an all-time high in the state of Illinois.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor estimates the employment of physical therapists is anticipated to grow 36 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Physical therapists will often assist individuals to improve their mobility and manage their pain, Physical therapists are an integral component to the rehabilitation process. With the aging population, chronic illnesses and physical limitations increase the need greatly for individuals with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree.

Physical therapists can work in a variety of locations, such as: hospitals, private practice and clinics. For those who are considering a career in physical therapy, the necessity to be standing, lifting and moving is a requirement of the position.

Chicago and the surrounding areas have some of the best medical hospitals and facilities in the world. The chances of job offers even before graduation are very high for those who can do their clinical rotations in these facilities. Students in a physical therapy program should try to start networking while they are in school so their odds of receiving a job offer can increase. The American Physical Therapy Association has a wealth of resources, including available job openings, licensing resources, membership benefits and many other valuable resources for current physical therapists and also prospective physical therapists.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S Department of Labor, the median average wage for physical therapists in May 2012 was $79, 860. The highest pay physical therapy positions are typically held in home health care, nursing care facilities and schools. Chicago is one of the top paying cities in the United States for a Physical Therapist and a great place to live!

The future for a physical therapy career looks very bright for Chicago and all across the nation, there is no slowing down in the healthcare industry and as people live longer, this will increase the need for any type of healthcare position.

Michelle Guilbeau is a writer, reviewer, teacher and business owner. She also has experience in school administration, literacy coaching and is proud founder of and Michelle enjoys sharing her knowledge of cities, food, travel, education and parenting issues with her readers. Her work can be found on

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