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Florida Students Make Long Division Song That Goes Viral

JACKSONVILLE, Fl (CBS) -- For many, long division may be tricky...

But it no longer has to be, thanks to a fourth-grade class at La Core Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida who created a catchy song to remember the steps of long division.

Nadine S. Ebri, the fourth-grade teacher at La Core Christian Academy, said she taught a long division lesson to her students, and then they turned her instructions into a catchy song, involving the problem-solving steps.

"Divide, multiply and subtract! Break it on down and bring it on back."

Ebri posted a video on Facebook of her students singing the song, while solving long division problems on a white board.

"I always heard that teachers dreaded teaching long division! Well, not anymore! My students made this song up!" Ebri wrote on Facebook with the video.

"They're seriously the most crunk class ever!" Ebri continued.

Since the video was posted on Monday, it has already received over 170,000 shares, over 8,000,000 views and over 19,000 comments.

Ebri told local news stations in Florida that her students turn everything into a song and are excited to see their video go viral.

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