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Flooding, Water Damage Reported In Glenview

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Rain reached record levels across the Chicagoland area Monday.

Many roads were closed due to flooding and homeowners reported water damage.

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports the Des Plaines River water levels increased due to the rain, but crews are not blaming flooding on that activity, alone, saying it is the combination of mother nature, clogged drains, and sump pump failures.

The Glenview roadway became a waterway earlier Monday as car after car produced wake after wake.

Monday's rainfall created waves for homeowners and a lot of work for restoration companies.

"Today we got about 20 jobs already and the day is not over with yet," stated Chris Iciek of Master Service Group.

Iciek says the downpours have kept his crews working around the clock and against water seeping into homes.

CBS 2 caught up with two workers from Master Service Group at a home in Glenview.

The carpeting and debris had to be thrown out because of the flooding.

Water flooded into the home, creating a kiddie pool of water caused by a clogged drain nearby.

"80% of jobs we got today, you know clogged drain or sump pump problems," said Iciek.

One homeowner claims they have at least $10,000 worth of water damage.

"[There were] four inches of water in most of the basements that we've seen today," Iciek stated.

Crews say it is important to check nearby drains for any debris. If there is debris, removing it could save a lot of hassle and money.


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