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Father Of R. Kelly Girlfriend: 'This Dude Is A Monster'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The father of one of R. Kelly's girlfriends calls the singer a predator and a monster, who has brainwashed his daughter.

This, as Kelly remains an inmate at the Cook County Jail Friday night, still trying to come up with $ 161,000 he owes in back child support. CBS 2's Chelsea Irving has the latest.

Kelly's spokesperson said the singer is in good spirits. At the same time, the father of one of Kelly girlfriends spoke out against her own father.

"This dude is a monster. The things he did it's not human."

Angelo Clary is the father of one of the women defending Kelly.  Azriel Clary told CBS's Gayle King that her parents were lying in an attempt to extort money from the singer. Angelo said his daughter has been brainwashed.  And he's spent years trying to get her out from under Kelly's control.

"I'm not playing. That's my child. I'm gonna die trying," he said.

King said that during her interview with the women, Kelly lingered in the room and made sure his presence was known. Kelly's spokesperson refutes that.

"At no point, and I'm on record, did I know or see Mr. Kelly in the building. To my knowledge, that did not happen."

Also on Friday, famed attorney Gloria Allred announced she's representing a victim who says she was 13 years old when Kelly assaulted her. That victim released a statement saying quote:

"Listening to R. Kelly's denials about what he did to underage girls like me was very hurtful."

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While R. Kelly supporters are loudly supporting him in large numbers online, the attorney for two of the alleged victims said there's no doubt he's guilty.

"They are not all lying and R. Kelly is the only one telling the truth," said attorney Michael Avenatti.

On Friday, a spokesperson for R. Kelly said he had $60,000 of the $160,000 the singer needs to get out of jail.

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