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'Fake News' Ad Comes Back To Haunt Chicago Woman

(CBS) – It's a phrase we've heard repeatedly from President Trump: "fake news."

Now, a Chicago woman says she's sick of being the face of fake news.

At issue is a bogus ad that's back in the headlines because of a congressional hearing this week on social media's role misinformation spread during the 2016 presidential election.

One ad discussed was an attempt to trick supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton into staying home by "texting" their vote instead.

Whoever created the ad used Deborah Williams' picture without her permission. CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker first talked with Williams last November.

She's still upset. Media outlets that reported on the congressional hearing this week resurrected the photo. Friends of Williams snapped a screen shot from ABC News.

"People are starting to laugh at me," Williams says.

It's not funny because Williams is a community activist who has considered running for political office.

There is, unfortunately, little she can do, according to tech and social media attorney Daliah Saper.

"News outlets don't have an obligation to ask for permission to portray a person if they are reporting about something that's newsworthy," Saper says.

The same applies to Congress, says Saper. Her advice to Willliams is to reach out to every outlet that's used her photo and politely ask them to stop.

Willliams is also hoping this story will help.

"At some point, somebody's got to listen to me, somebody's got to take me seriously," she says.

She says after reaching out to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee this afternoon she got a call back. Williams says a representative apologized and promised not to use her photo in future proceedings.

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