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Eddie Olczyk Wants Back Into Coaching

(CBS) NBC Sports and CSN Chicago hockey color commentator Eddie Olczyk told the Chicago Sun-Times he would like to return to coaching, saying, ''There still is that burning desire and that hole that is not filled from the ending in Pittsburgh."

Olczyk was the coach of the Penguins in 2003-04 before getting fired 31 games into the 2005-06 season. A lockout cost the league the 2004-05 season. He compiled a 31-64-8-10 record after going into coaching following a 16-year Hall of Fame playing career.

''There is still an emptiness,'' Olczyk told the Sun-Times. ''There are very few people who know my desires and my feelings of where I am and where I want to get to, but there's certainly an aspiration there. So if it would present itself, that's where I would want to go. It might not happen. Who knows? What I wanted to do back in '03 is where I'd like to go if I got the opportunity.''

In his current role as a color analyst, Olczyk is a fan favorite and held in high esteem by peers for his acumen, but he still itches to be closer to the ice.

''It may not happen, but I think it's healthy to always want to have goals," Olczyk said. "For me, the teaching aspect is what I love the most.''

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