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Durbin Discusses Violence With Chicago Teens

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Senator Dick Durbin met with Chicago teens Saturday morning to learn more about the violence that's plaguing many of their south and west side neighborhoods.

Durbin Discusses Violence With Chicago Teens

The Democrat asked teens going through a leadership program at the social service group UCAN why people don't turn in to police those responsible for shootings.

One young woman said it's because they're worried about retaliations.

As for the lure of gangs, another teen said she thinks kids join because they don't have love and support at home.

The senator learned some slang for the violence including Chi-raq, Chicago's nickname due to the high number of killings here and the "wild hundreds" which covers neighborhoods south of 100th street and east of Halsted.

Durbin says he plans to use the information to push for more resources for education, jobs and higher wages - including raising the minimum wage.

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