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ONLY ON 2: Drag Racing Rallies Move To Ford City After Being Booted From McKinley Park, Alderman Is Not Pleased At All

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Dangerous car stunts in a Chicago parking lot – does the subject matter sound familiar?

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar has been showing you the car enthusiasts' wild moves for weeks now. But in the latest twist, the drag racing rallies are not happening in McKinley Park anymore – they've moved.

It appears that the car meetups that had once occupied the Riverside Plaza shopping center parking lot near Ashland and Archer avenues have now moved about eight miles southwest to the parking lot for the Ford City Mall at 7601 S. Cicero Ave.

There were even fresh tire marks in the mall parking lot Wednesday night. And the message from the alderman for the area is, "Go somewhere else."

But the burnouts, donuts, and crashes continue. Videos posted on social media appear to show car meetups taking over parking lots at the Ford City Mall and nearby shopping centers.

"They put a lot of money into these cars just to crash them," said Ald. Derrick Curtis (18th).

Curtis said the car meets are leaving a mark that the community could do without - a problem he says that popped up within the past few weeks.

"I talked with the management," he said. "They signed affidavits yesterday that will allow the police to either arrest them on the property or give them citations."

Earlier this month, we went to that parking lot in McKinley Park that experienced the same problem. Management there has since installed gates to keep cars out at night, and the meets have now migrated to other lots.

"It's kind of like a spiderweb effect," said Daniel Franklin, head of the Metal Militia Motor Club.

When we last talked to Franklin and other car enthusiasts back at the Riverside Plaza parking lot, they said the action would just move elsewhere if they were driven out.

That is now exactly what has happened.

"No matter what, it's going to keep on being a thing," Franklin said. "If everyone's are kicked out of another place, it's going to spread all over again."

"They can do whatever they want to do as long as they don't do it here," Ald. Curtis said.

The alderman said he has been in contact with the management company, which is currently exploring options such as overnight security and gates at the entrances – similar to what happened in McKinley Park. But this does appear to be a bit like whack-a-mole when it comes to where these car meetups keep popping up.

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