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Dog Falls From High-Rise Condo Building

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A dog fell to its death from the 43rd floor of a high-rise condo building in the Lakeshore East neighborhood on Wednesday.

Police said the dog's owner let it out on the balcony on the 43rd floor at 360 E. South Water St., and the dog climbed up on the furniture, then jumped off the balcony.

Dog Falls From High-Rise Condo Building

The dog's body was found on the street outside the building. The dog's owner was cooperating with police, and the animal's death appeared to be an accident. No citations will be issued to the owner.

WBBM's Bob Roberts says the dog is the second pet to fall to death from that building this week.

Residents, such as Gwen Sylvain, don't see how it's possible for two animals to plunge off the same balcony in three days:

"It is tragic, I am heartbroken. I have cried my heart out over that dog," said Sylvain.

The first was a kitten Sunday belonging to the tenant, a musician named Ryan. The second was a Rottweiler-Shar Pei mix named Duke, which belonged to Ryan's mother, stepfather and sister who are in town to help him move.

The balcony door was open and piled full of boxes and furniture as they cleaned prior to moving. Ryan says he was in a friend's apartment and says no one was watching the balcony.

Eye On Pets: High Rise Syndrome

Ryan says he's so heartsick that he hasn't eaten since the kitten died Sunday.

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