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Divvy Bikes Team Up With Project Fixup To Match Couples For Dates

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A matchmaking entrepreneur figures those blue Divvy bikes are good for more than tourists and commuters, so she's making them the centerpiece of her latest fix-up effort.

Project Fixup founder Sarah Press said clients will provide information on their interests, and Project Fixup will line up compatible matches to meet at a convenient Divvy bike stand for a 30-minute spin, then maybe coffee together if the ride goes okay.

Matchmaker Offers Divvy Bike Dates

Press said the Divvy Bike Fixup project this week will see clients hand over $15 each, and provide a list of their interests and romantic dreams, so they can be matched up with a suitable riding buddy.

"We've done fix-ups in the past for craft beer, whiskey, coffee; and we're now partnering with different partnerships to do more unique experiences, like Divvy bikes," Press said.

She started Project Fixup on the belief that too many people spend too much time sorting through possible dates on online dating sites, and not enough time getting outside and talking to actual live human beings.

"The typical online dater spends 12 hours a week browsing through profiles, and messaging back and forth, but they only go on one date – on average – every two months," she said. "But in today's world, there should be much faster, easier, and more fun ways to meet someone for a drink, or an adventure on a Divvy bike ride."

Press said she thinks Divvy bikes will provide a nice neutral place and activity for eligibles to give each other a bike and compatibility checkout.

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