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CTA Adds More Bus Tracker Signs To Train Stations

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Hoping to make the commute easier for those who transfer from trains to buses, the CTA has installed new bus tracker displays at dozens of rail stations.

Making the transfer from a train to the bus can be a challenge if you don't have a smartphone with an app o tell you exactly when the next bus is arriving, so the CTA wants to make it more convenient for riders.

The CTA has installed 66 new bus tracker displays at 51 rail stations, on the Red, Blue, Orange, Brown, Green, Pink, and Purple lines. The signs will allow riders to quickly and easily see when their bus is coming.

The system now has more than 400 bus tracker displays across the city at bus shelters and rail stations.

"It's a constant effort to modernize our system; make the ride safe, reliable; and make sure that, because of time – which is so essential for people from home to work, for their kids going from home to school – we now have technology to enable people to better manage their time, and be more efficient; and when they're on the system to make that a reliable, secure experience for them," Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Friday morning.

The signs take advantage of GPS systems on every CTA bus to determine how soon buses should arrive at each stop on their route. It allows riders to plan ahead buses are running late.

The CTA also has a train tracking system, with signs a many stations indicating when the next train should arrive.

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