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CPD Ending Daily Downtown Deployment With 12 Hour Days, Will No Longer Cancel Days Off

CHICAGO (CBS) -- You won't see Chicago police stationed all over downtown anymore like they've been for most of the past year.

The Chicago Police Department is ending a daily deployment plan that for the past year, had officers parked on State Street late at night or parked in other nearby areas. That deployment will be ending Tuesday.

The goal for safety this summer goes back to getting various community services involved – from street outreach to violence disrupter groups – something they couldn't really do last year because of the pandemic.

The department is hoping this will help bring crime and violence down.

Chicago Police also released crime data for May, showing there were 65 murders last month, down 23% from May of 2020, when there were 84 murders citywide.

However, murders are still up overall this year, with 252 through the end of May, a 5% increase from last year, when there were 240 murders in the first five months of the year.

As for changes within CPD, the department is ending a daily deployment plan that has kept extra officers downtown.

For the past year, you may have noticed officers parked on State Street late at night or parked in other nearby areas. That deployment will be ending effective Tuesday.

The downtown deployment plan was developed in response to looting and unrest in the downtown area – which happened a year ago this weekend and again early on Aug. 10 of last year.

Stores were ransacked throughout the downtown area and other neighborhoods. At least two downtown businesses were set on fire.

Police said, even though they are still looking for some suspects in those looting incidents, they are just not getting as many tips as they used to, so things have slowed down.

"We started putting the resources back to the districts, back to where some of these officers originally worked; but the detectives who are still assigned to Area Three and the technology officers, we're still arresting people, we're still charging them," CPD Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said.

Police said officers also will no longer be working 12-hour workdays or having days off canceled, and will be returning to regular schedules effective Tuesday.

"We're balancing officer wellness with this, because last summer we went nearly 20 days with extended hours and cancelled days off. That is not sustainable," Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said.

The Fraternal Order of Police complained on Twitter Monday night that officers had been through 11 straight days of canceled days off and 12-hour shifts as of Memorial Day.

While the department is ending its increased deployment downtown, officers will still be stationed out there, just not as many.

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