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Coronavirus By The Numbers: Among The States With The Most COVID-19 cases, Illinois Trails Other States In Tests Per Capita

By Christopher Hacker


CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois is among the states with the most confirmed COVID-19 cases. But a closer look at coronavirus testing suggests Illinois may be behind other states in its efforts to test as many potentially infected residents as possible.

With over five thousand confirmed cases statewide and more than 12 million residents, Illinois is the ninth state in terms of cases per capita — that's the number of cases relative to the population of the state. But the state is 29th in terms of tests given per capita, behind states like Wisconsin which have far fewer cases.

Some of the hardest-hit states, however, have administered many more tests per capita. New York, the worst-affected state with more than 66,000 cases, is also leading in tests given.

"Every state is behind," said Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker at his daily press briefing Monday. "Every state is behind in testing. There are not enough tests. Any governor who's being honest with you will tell you. Just look at the numbers, even in the large states. It's minimal compared to the total number of people we know have COVID-19 or have had it."


Tests Per 1 Million Residents By U.S. State

Rank State Tests Per 1 Million Residents
1 NY 8,860.07
2 WA 7,775.03
3 LA 5,995.32
4 VT 5,931.19
5 MA 5,621.41
6 NM 5,248.88
7 HI 4,946.77
8 AK 4,557.48
9 ND 4,531.13
10 UT 4,364.69
11 MT 4,020.48
12 NJ 4,008.25
13 NH 3,694.17
14 SD 3,637.56
15 CT 3,337.74
16 MN 3,130.88
17 WI 3,033.44
18 TN 3,010.9
19 NV 2,970.63
20 WY 2,833.65
21 ME 2,713.11
22 OR 2,709.04
23 RI 2,676.14
24 PA 2,613.27
25 ID 2,396.0
26 CO 2,305.37
27 CA 2,294.4
28 MD 2,248.38
29 IL 2,190.85
30 MO 2,017.95

Data current through 3/29/2020. Source: The COVID-19 Tracking Project

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