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City Worker Rescues Dog From Roof Of Vacant House

CHICAGO (CBS) -- An Animal Care and Control worker rescued a dog that apparently wandered into a vacant house in the Chatham neighborhood and climbed out onto the roof.

WBBM Newsradio's Mike Krauser reports a woman called with an unusual Friday morning: a dog was up on the roof of a burned and boarded-up bunaglow on the 8100 block of South Princeton Avenue.

Dog Wanders Onto Roof Of Burned-Out Bungalow

John Linn was doing utility work next door when he spotted the dog.

"I felt bad for him. He looked hungry, so I tossed a couple granola bars up there to him, to put a little something in his stomach," Linn said.

He called Animal Control. When an officer showed up, he went up to the attic, leaned out the broken window, and snared the dog.

Dog On Roof 2
An Animal Care & Control worker reaches with a snare to rescue a dog from the roof of a vacant, burned-out house in Chatham. (Credit: Mike Krauser/CBS)

The dog wasn't particularly happy to be in the snare, and was barking and growling, but he got down safe and sound.

Neighbors said the dog had been up there for three days.

"I'm just thanking God that they did get him, because we didn't want to see him up there much more longer, because he may die up there," Andra Evans said.

Neighbors said they called the city for three days, and Animal Control workers came out the first day, but just took pictures.

Friday morning, the officer who came out made quick work of it, luring the dog closer to the window with dog food before grabbing him with a snare, and taking him to an Animal Control van.

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