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3 People Shot In Cicero In Possible Road Rage Incident

CHICAGO (CBS) --Three people shot while driving in Cicero.

And they may all be victims of road rage.

CBS 2's Jackie Kostek reports on the latest in the investigation.

Cicero police are still looking for that gunman after they said three people were shot early Monday morning.

Much of a stretch of Cicero Avenue from 31st to 39th was blocked until about 1:00 Monday afternoon as police investigate what they said might be a case of road rage.

Police said two cars were driving southbound when someone in one car shot into the other.

That shooter hit all three people inside. That car then crashed into a motorcycle.

Surveillance video from the TQ gas station showed something fly off the car and into a pole. The car shoots across the northbound lanes of Cicero.

Moments later, the car burst into flames.

Those flames grew as the other cars circled. Much of the car was charred.

Three victims and the motorcyclist are all in stable condition. CBS 2 spoke to someone who's worked in the area for more than 30 years.

He said in the past year or so, he's seen speeding and drag racing on both Cicero and 39th.

"Let's put it this way, we've had this fence ran into about three, four times within 16 months," said Mark Mayer, Inventory Control at Motion Industries. "Or they'll drive real quick in the median and get their car stuck."

Cicero police are investigating this as a possible case of road rage but they said that might change.

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