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Chicago's Best Stuff For Infants/Babies

First-time parents who are registering for baby items often find themselves lost amid a sea of baby gear, unsure of which items will actually be both needed and loved. Rest assured, new moms and dads, that babies (and you!) don't surely need everything that graces the shelves.

But here are a handful of items (sans a car seat and high chair) both parents and baby alike will find functional and helpful as well even fun and comforting.


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Chicago-land REI locations

BOB Revolution Stroller
The BOB Revolution Stroller was designed to accommodate the many adventures babies undertake with their parents. Whether parents are navigating crowded Chicago streets and stores or strolling through suburban malls and forest preserve trails, the BOB Revolution Stroller handles the chosen path easily. When the swivel wheel is unlocked, the BOB turns on a dime, and its frame (even the double side-by-side version, the Dualie) fit through standard-size door frames, making it an ideal city stroller. When the front wheel is locked, mom and dad will find little one has a smooth ride even during a run because of the stroller's elite shock system. Parents should note that babies need to use the newborn car seat bar until they have good head control.


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Cutie Poops and Bottoms

14910 S. LaGrange Rd. / Orland Park, IL 60462
(708) 873-4588

Sophie the Giraffe
She's squishy and soft, yet firm enough to relieve little gums; Sophie the Giraffe is a teething toy little babies love to mouth. Made from 100 percent rubber, its unique smell of the Hevea Tree allows babies to single Sophie out among the rest of their toys. Babies also enjoy playing with Sophie as they age and she becomes more than just a chew toy.

Squishy Press Books
Babies tend to put everything they come into contact with in their little mouths as a means of exploring their latest subject matter as well as relieving sore gums. Not even books manage to escape as sacred from the mouth of a curious babe. Squishy Press books are free of toxic materials and heavy metals that other books often contain, so mom and dad can feel safe when baby turns reading session into a gnawing one. This new Chicago-based company has a picture book and also a new text and picture book available now.
The following items can be found at:


found at

Be By Baby

1654 W Roscoe St. / Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 404.BABY

Miracle Blanket
Many babies often find being swaddled comforting as it mimics the warmth, coziness and security of the womb. The Miracle Blanket is made of 100 percent cotton, and parents often rave about how it has helped their little baby to sleep better because the blanket gently wraps baby's arms against his body, eliminating baby hands' from hitting his face. Parents also have reported that it soothes fussy babies who are easily over stimulated and need a greater sense of security.

BabyLegs leg warmers are not just a wonderful way to keep tiny legs warm beneath dresses or pants during the chilly Chicago seasons; these stretchy leg {or even arm} warmers are fashionable, too, as they come in a vast array of colors, designs and prints including stripes, solids and tiny flowers. BabyLegs also make cloth diapering a breeze, as sometimes baby pants don't accommodate a cloth-diapered baby bum.

Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier
Shortly after birth, parents often discover baby really wants to remain in the safety of mom or dad's arms. The Catbird Baby Pikkolo carrier was designed for safely and comfortably carrying newborns (and even older babies and toddlers) while allowing mom or dad's hand to be free to do whatever is on the plate for that day. The unique way the body of the carrier cinches combined with shoulder straps that cross on the wearer's back, make the Pikkolo a snug, safe place for a newborn. Parents appreciate the easy learning curve of a buckle carrier almost as much as baby appreciates being snuggled up next to his loved one all day long. Plus, baby can easily attend functions with mom or dad even when the destination isn't stroller convenient.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Skin Care
Babies have delicate and often sensitive skin that requires the gentleness of water when being bathed. But when it's time for a little bit of soap to join the mix, Earth Mama Angel Baby Skin care is the next best thing. Made of all-natural and often organic ingredients that are free of dyes and synthetic scents, Earth Mama Angel Baby products are gentle enough for sensitive skin, but effective in cleansing and moisturizing skin. The all-natural diaper salve is also a wonderful alternative to other creams that have undesirable ingredients (and it's cloth-diaper friendly!).

Mini Wee Glass Bottles
Nursing and formula-feeding mothers will appreciate Mini Wee Glass Bottles if they are concerned with plastics leaching into their babies' food. These glass bottles are unique in that if the bottle is accidentally dropped, it likely won't break as it is protected by a rubber-design covering. Mini Wee Glass Bottles encompass the best of bottle feeding – baby's milk only comes into contact with glass but doesn't pose a danger if a bottle slips from the feeder's hands.

Hyacynth Worth writes about attachment parenting, green living and the myriad thoughts {and feelings} of a wife and mother of two boys at Undercover Mother.
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