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'It happened quick': Chicago man catches suspected burglar in his home, as wife and child were inside

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Only on 2: A father detained a suspected burglar in his own garage.

His wife and two-year-old daughter are inside the house as this all happened. He is speaking exclusively with CBS 2's Sabrina Franza, reporting from Wrigleyville.

"Went into the garage and I just followed him into the garage."

Niko Kara was the only person standing between, he said, a suspected burglar and his family. His two-year-old daughter was sound asleep upstairs when Kara said a man broke into the garage.

"It happened quick. I just followed the guy. I didn't want him to cause anymore harm."

Kara first learned the man was there when he tried getting into the front entrance. His Ring camera caught someone moving.

"It was a surprise for all of us."

He and his wife realized the man got into the garage behind the house. Kara followed and found him going through boxes as his wife called 911.

Kara, a concealed carry permit holder, and that suspect, stood still behind this garage door. He raised his weapon but did not fire. He waited for police to show.

"He was quick to show me his hands and drop whatever he was holding in his hands."

Which was a phone and a water bottle.

"They were here in about 45 seconds and he couldn't get out of the garage. I was standing in the door," Kara said.

A Ring camera from across the alley caught the garage door opening as police stood outside. The suspect ran but didn't make it far. Chicago police took him into custody shortly after.

"You know what, I'm really happy that I spent last night at my home, in bed, and everybody was safe. The bad guy got arrested."

Both Kara and his wife are very shaken up by this, but are both doing ok. His two-year-old daughter slept through the entire thing.

Charges against the man they say broke in are still pending.

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