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Chicago Aldermen Plan To Help Undocumented Immigrants As ICE Raid Grace Period Nears End

CHICAGO (CBS) -- There are growing fears for many in the country who could soon face deportation. In June, President Donald Trump delayed United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids to round up undocumented immigrants.

Those raids could resume before the holiday weekend is over.

All ward offices are closed during the weekend, but in Pilsen the alderman has decided to open his office doors on Saturday and Sunday and serve as a resource for immigrants. It's only one of several locations providing support.

Lincoln Methodist Church is one place that is offering a refuge for undocumented immigrants who fear the possible deportation raids in the coming days.

"We are taking these threats from Trump and his administration very seriously," said student pastor Sara Walker. "We've seen in the past that he lives up to his promises of deporting thousands of people."

Hours before Trump's planned immigration raids, he announced he was postponing action for two weeks.

Now just a few days away from the end of that grace period, local leaders in Chicago continue to show their support for the undocumented community.

"We are making sure that people know their rights," said Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25th). "That they know that they are not required to disclose their citizenship."

In the Little Village neighborhood, Ald. Michael Rodriguez (22nd) reaches out to immigrant residents to educate them about their rights.

"We've got people panicking, people very worried," Rodriguez said. "People scared for their families."

However, President Trump supporters in Illinois say the immigration raids and separation of immigrant families are not a result of the current administration.

"I'm not really alarmed," said Deb Gordils of the Illinois Republican National Hispanic Assembly. "I don't see that the president's comments at all are going to identify that something's different than what's been happening over the last 20 years in terms of raids."

Flyers will be distributed in communities like Pilsen and Little Village providing immigrants with phone numbers and information in English and Spanish on what to do if detained in one of the ICE raids.

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