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Catholic Group Demands Apology After Dan Savage Speech At Elmhurst College

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Catholic League is upset over what it calls "obscene, anti-Catholic rants" made by anti-bullying advocate Dan Savage at Elmhurst College.

Savage, who has launched an anti-bullying campaign targeted for gay young people, made is remarks at an April 29 speech at the college.

Savage may be best known for a graphic sex advice column that is syndicated nationwide, including the Chicago Reader.

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He blasted Pope Benedict for the pontiff's recent comments about gay marriage.

"He recently said that gay marriage is a threat to the survival of the human race," Savage said. "Because once gay marriage is legal, everybody is going to get gay married."

Savage suggested the pope himself was secretly gay.

"The pope is projecting and claiming that nobody's straight," he said. He also said the pope believes that if gay marriage became legal, that people would forget how babies are conceived, thus endangering the future of the human race.

The president of the Catholic League Bill Donohue wants an apology from the president of Elmhurst College, Dr. S. Alan Ray. The school president has not commented.

Critics of Savage say his comments are similar to the types of bullying he opposes.

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