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Man Punched And Terrorized Moments Before Carjackers Take Off With His Vehicle

CHICAGO (CBS) -- He was sitting in his car in River North with the windows down. After all, it's summer. The next minute, he felt the stinging pain of punches to the face. He is one of two men beaten just minutes apart for their cars.

The scars on his arm are still fresh. He was beaten so badly he cannot lift his arm.

"I thought it was an Asian hate crime, but it was not. It was a car hijacking," said the man, who asked not to be identified.

He said he was parked near Erie and Orleans just before 1 a.m. Friday when three people who appeared to be teenagers approached his Buick sedan.

"'Get out of your car.' Suddenly they smacked my face, punched me and hit me. They stole my car and ran away," he said.

The carjackers ditched the car. The Chicago Police Department recovered it. It was towed to an autobody shop, but it is a complete loss.

Fresh from the hospital and still wearing bloody clothes, David Osorio said he was also approached by a group of teens in the River North neighborhood. He was on Huron near Wells.

"The only thing I remember is I was punched in the eye, and I was unconscious," he said.

It happened blocks away and not long before the Buick was stolen.

"Even though we know most of these kids are not going to be prosecuted because they're kids, as I said for me this is not a racial, this is not a political thing. We need to feel safe in Chicago," he said.

The group was unable to steal Osario's car, but they did smash the windshield and broke several bones in his face.

The beatings come just days after Chicago police have warned of at least five other seemingly random attacks in the Loop.

No arrests have been made in these latest incidents.

Meanwhile in the West Town, Humboldt Park and Logan Square communities, police are warning people to watch out for robberies and carjackers. At least six of those crimes have been reported in as many days. The most recent one happened in the 2700 block of West Hirsch Street.

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