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Career Coach: Tap Into Your Personal And Professional Network

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Are you thinking about changing job industries during this difficult time?

CBS 2 career coach is Working For Chicago, helping with career transitions.

First, it's important to identify your strengths, skills and interests to narrow down potential new fields. That's according to Lynee Alves, president of Interview Like an Expert.

She said to look for free assessments that will help you identify your key strengths that may not be on your current resume. When it comes to a resume, Alves recommends a professional summary.

"Take the time to modify your professional summary because that is where you can work on skills that maybe weren't as prominent in your last role, but that you definitely bring to the table," she said. "So updating the professional summary and key strength and skills will really help."

Alves said don't forget to tap into your network of family, friends, former co-workers. People you've worked with and can vouch for you because they know your quality of work.

You never know who might know somebody who can help you.

"Make sure that anybody you know is aware of what you're looking for and they can potentially help you get there," she said.

Alves said to consider taking free online classes and training in the field you're interested in while you search for jobs.

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