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Joke Or Transgender Slam? Business Seeks 'Female From Birth' Job Applicants

(CBS) – A roadside business sign in southwest suburban Lockport is stopping traffic -- not in a good way.

It's a pawn shop's "help wanted" ad asking only for applicants who are "female from birth."

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov talks with the business owner.

Richard Tisch has put eye-catching slogans on his shop's roadside sign in the past (one example: "Women belong in the kitchen, not the Oval Office").

The one that's up now has some in town saying he's crossed the line.

Transgender Joke On Sign

Tisch says he's been hearing about it all day.

"It's real simple. It's satire," he says.

The former Marine says it's his way of protesting tax dollars being used to pay for sex re-assignment surgery for military members. His argument: it's elective surgery.

"I think it's exactly the time," Tisch says when asked if his timing is off, given the uneasy political climate in the U.S. "We need to address it and stop this political correct, where everbody's offended."

He says he's also trying to get potential customers' attention.

"They think it's serious and I've got something against trans people, which I don't," Tisch says.

The self-described conservative, who is not a Trump fan, is defiant about taking the sign down. It's his property, he says.

Lockport resident Valerie Blanchette, who expressed her disapproval on social media, doesn't agree the sign is an attempt at humor.

"This wasn't just sarcasm. This was rude and derogatory, and it's unacceptable."

By the way, Tisch says he isn't really hiring anyone.

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