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Brown Skin Coffee seeks to build neighborly relationships in Gary

Brown Skin Coffee, Tea, & Wine in Gary, Indiana
Brown Skin Coffee, Tea, & Wine in Gary, Indiana 02:40

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A new Black-owned business is pouring back into the Gary, Indiana, community.

Brown Skin Coffee, founded by Gary native Shana Tate, opened its doors earlier this month with coffee, tea, and wine on their menu. There's also an array of pastries and sandwiches. 

The streams Jamica Ponder has more on the shop that don't just want people to stop in but instead, to stay a while. 

Shaken, or stirred - Brown Skin Coffee is filling up cup after cup as customers keep rolling in.

"The response has been amazing. It's what a lot of people wanted to see, wanted the city to bring," said Daytra Nelson

"Everybody was like, this is what we needed. Something this simple," said Shana Tate.

While brown skin coffee is new to Gary, founder and owner Shana Tate most certainly is not.

Familiar faces stop by throughout the morning and help keep the operation running.

"Coming home is an embrace," she said. "When you see your childhood friends and you hire their children or their grandchildren."

While every drink takes customers tastebuds around the world.

"Our tagline is 'take a tour in every cup,'" Tate said.

Their bar boasts an array of single-origin coffees and exotic teas.

"As we pour that cup, we are educating people on the culture behind the coffee or behind the tea," Tate said. "That is another part of what makes brown skin coffee so important because it's all about communities, all about the culture."

About the culture, and for the culture.

"For our culture, we don't have a spot, you know, I mean, there's clubs and all that stuff, but we don't have a spot for relaxation. I want the meditative space to be here."

From the plush couches to the spacious patio, to the collection of art on the walls.

"Just being able to provide that space is so important. And I'm hoping that everybody can take something, just take something from it."

On top of the regular cafe fare, Brown Skin Coffee also hosts an extensive calendar of events, from live music to wine tastings.

This Father's Day they're having a community party to celebrate dads in Gary. They say everyone is invited.

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