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Bowen: Bears Need To Contain Vick

(WSCR) Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has always been a run first, pass second quarterback.

He's built a career off his speed and agility, and when the Bears take on the Eagles on Monday night, they will need to rush with containment if they plan to have success against Vick.

"When you rush against this guy, whether you're Julius Peppers off the edge, or a safety coming, or D.J. Moore coming off the edge, you have to rush with contained principles," Matt Bowen of The National Football Post and Chicago Tribune told The Boers and Bernstein Show. "What does that mean? You cannot take chances. You can't try to beat a guy inside and hope that he gets to the quarterback. If you open the edge to Michael Vick, that's 20 or 30 yards every time. Then you're asking your young safeties -- a guy like Chris Conte, who's never see anything like Michael Vick in college -- to break down and tackle this guy in the open field. That'd be a nightmare."

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Bowen also said that since the Bears prominently play a zone Cover-2 defense, it will make it easier for them to know where Vick is at all times.

"That zone-based coverage, that's huge," Bowen said. "You have linebackers dropping, you have corners rolled up in the flats, and they know where Michael Vick is at all times. So if he does break contain, maybe it's only a 6-yard gain instead of 25."

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