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Bill Daley: Quinn Should Make Changes To Concealed-Carry Bill

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Gubernatorial hopeful Bill Daley says Governor Quinn should make some changes before he signs the bill allowing the carrying of concealed weapons in Illinois, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

As Governor Quinn nears the deadline for deciding what do to with the concealed-carry bill, Bill Daley is saying that the Governor should do more than just fix his signature.

"I would hope that he would mandatorily veto this so that some of the weaknesses in that bill can be improved upon and we can comply with the court order because we are the only state without a concealed carry bill. But at the same time, I think the Governor ought to put in there that there needs to be background checks and that limit the size of magazines for some of these weapons that are really designed for military use and not for either hunting or sport shooting," said Daley.

Bill Daley: Quinn Should Veto Concealed-Carry

Daley, like Mayor Emanuel, is a former Chief Of Staff to President Obama, who is very supportive of both measures outlined by Daley.

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