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Best Chicago Photographers To Follow On Instagram

A boat speeds along the waters of Lake M
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You've probably passed the Chicago Board of Trade building a hundred times, or made your commute home via the "L" every day, but have you ever looked at these everyday scenes through a photographer's eyes — or, more appropriately, their lenses? Professional photographers who share their own photos of the city can give you a new perspective of the city many call home. Take a look at these Chicago-based professional photographers by following them on Instagram.

Alyssa Schukar Photo

Take a look at life in Chicago by following the Instagram account of Alyssa Schukar Photo. The award-winning professional photographer, whose works can be found via her website and in publications that include The New York Times and Chicago Tribune, captures everyday moments of what it's like to live in Chicago, along with the lights and glow of the city. In addition to photographs of notable places that include the Loop and the Art Institute of Chicago, followers can see some of Schukar's photographs from her assignments.

Cristina G Photography

Get caught up in the romance and fairytale-like beauty of a Chicago wedding when you take a look at Cristina G Photography's Instagram account. The photographer shares stunning photos of weddings, engagement portraits and proposals in the city, making this Instagram account one of the most romantic you'll see in your feed. This Instagram account isn't strictly of happy couples, either. Chicago's famed skyscrapers and shoreline take on a soft glow while serving as a worthy backdrop for wedding photos; after all, if you're getting married downtown, wouldn't you want to include the city's famed architecture? More examples of photographs are also available via the company's website.

Nick Gerber Photography

There's no such thing as bad weather when it comes to taking pictures of Chicago. With Nick Gerber Photography's Instagram account, you can see countless photos of the city in all kinds of weather, lending to a dramatic view of the landscape. There's also quite a bit of whimsy in Gerber's photographs. Ever crossed the Chicago River while a passenger boat sails underneath the bridge? With Gerber's pictures, you get a bird's eye view of passengers on board — just follow #boatneathme for more photos. His website displays additional pictures of Chicago.

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Paul Octavious

Embark on a few armchair travels when you follow Chicago-based photographer Paul Octavious on Instagram. The photographer, whose work has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Paris Review and other publications, has traveled the globe and shared a number of photos from his assignments and journeys. He's photographed Chicago in all of its splendor, too. From postcard-perfect photos of the skyline to everyday moments found around the city, Octavious captures the city's beauty again and again. Check out the photographer's website for examples of his other works, too.

Rob Sese

Lifestyle and travel photographer Rob Sese can take you on a virtual journey via his Instagram account. Explore the scenery of Norway, get up close and personal with musician Waka Flocka at a concert, or see jaw-dropping images of Chicago, including this photo of Calder's Flamingo, like you've never seen the city before. Everyday scenes of Chicago and the people who live here are also in abundance. There is more to Chicago than what the tourists see. Examples of Sese's other works are available via his website.

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