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Bernstein: Your Questions, My Answers

By Dan Bernstein- Senior Columnist

(CBS) You ask, I answer. Questions arrive via every avenue imaginable, now, so it's the least I can do to take the time to address a few of them. Many are utterly incomprehensible – as I'm sure you can imagine - so I picked a few that I understood.

These came to me through email, Twitter, and text messages to 67011.

"Why are you still talking about Penn State?" – Godfather

Because it is one of the biggest and most important sports stories ever, and is still developing with every passing day. It matters to people not only because of the actual people and institutions involved, but because of the larger themes on which it touches: reverence of coaches, the cultural power of football in America, and the place of sports in our lives. It is rare that we can begin to grasp the size and historical significance of something while still handling details at a relatively early stage, as is happening at this moment.

But this question is also representative of a bizarre interactive phenomenon in our business, in which many find the need to object to the very subject matter of a given segment, show, news story or column. "Why are you talking about the White Sox?," "Talk more hockey!!" and "Stop talking about the NBA!" are typical examples. Simply, this makes no sense.

Here's how it works: we talk about whatever we want, and you either listen or not. I write about whatever I want, and you either click on it or not. I will tweet whatever I want, and you can follow or not. It serves no purpose whatsoever to express displeasure with a topic of discussion, and accomplishes absolutely nothing.

"Do you have any advice on fitness for a 61-year-old man?" – Doug

Don't overeat, exercise every day, don't smoke, sleep well. Don't drink too much or too little. Challenge yourself mentally every day with increasingly difficult crosswords, Sudoku or other puzzles. Challenge yourself intellectually by always finding new things to read that interest you. Be socially engaged. Take walks.

Note: this may not apply to a specific 61-year-old man who sits across from me every afternoon. He has a different set of rules crafted for him by a team of doctors, biomechanical engineers, hypnotists, philosophers, a zookeeper, and Joel Osteen.

"Can you explain the Greinke hype?" – Darryl

Umm…no, because I was unaware that any such thing exists.

"What was that grilled-chicken technique you talked about a while back? I can't remember." – Steve

Amazing how often I get this question, considering it was one offhanded discussion some time ago, but here it is. First, I recommend grilling good-sized leg quarters – the best possible piece of the bird for flavor, texture and aesthetic value. It just looks right on the grill.

Season with kosher salt and black pepper, and put them on your gas grill skin-side down, over direct, MEDIUM heat. Keep the lid open, and do not touch them for 30 minutes. Do not move them, pry them, slide them, pick them up and set them down, anything. When the time comes, turn them over and walk away for another 20-30 minutes, depending on size. Then come back with your sauce of choice and do whatever – you can turn the heat up for a little charring as desired, or go the patient route for glazing.

"Are you @UndeadPaterno on Twitter?" – Justin

While I'm flattered to be a prime suspect in this case, since I do find him consistently entertaining, he is not I. We do seem to share a sense of both satirical snark and respect for the underlying seriousness of it all, so it's completely understandable that one would try to connect those dots. I have some pretty good ideas who may be behind it, but those I cannot share. Someday, perhaps.

"Hey Dan, can I get a RT?" – jpie


Thanks for playing. We'll do this every so often.

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Dan Bernstein

Dan Bernstein joined the station as a reporter/anchor in 1995, and has been the co-host of Boers and Bernstein since 1999. Read more of Bernstein's columns, or follow him on Twitter: @dan_bernstein.

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