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Bennett On Cutler Hit: 'He Got Us Fired Up But He Also Pissed Us Off'

(WSCR)  -- Bears tight end Martellus Bennett appeared on the Boers and Bernstein Show Monday and said he was impressed by Jay Cutler after he delivered a blow to a Pittsburgh defender to pick up a first down, but thinks the quarterback should protect himself.

"We all got on him when he got back in the huddle," said Bennett. "He laid that guy out. I think he just got caught in-between where he had to get the first down, but the guy could have hit him if he dove for this first down. I think that was the only way for him to protect himself if he slid the guy still probably would have hit him. Everyone once and awhile a quarterback gets a defender off-balance. It was a great play for him and he got us fired up but he also pissed us off too."

Bennett also talked about the Bears are rooting for each other to succeed and being unselfish.

"You think about the greatest teams, those are the ones that are unselfish. I may have one catch on some nights but I know at the end of the year, some games I might have 15." said Bennett.

"I am happy when Alshon Jeffery catches five balls in the first quarter. He came back to the huddle and I'm like," Hey man, you gotta get five more.' When Brandon or Matt Forte makes a big run, or when Kyle gets a good block or when Garza makes the right call I'm ecstatic. Same thing with the defense. When they make an interception I'm running out there I'm high-fiving because I love to see other guys succeed. Of course not everybody is going to be like that. Some guys have hidden agendas but when your core group is like that it becomes contagious. Guys will come in and will learn to play football how we play football."

You can hear all of Bennett's thoughts by listening to the full interview below.

Martellus Bennett on The Boers and Bernstein Show

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