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Aurora Authorities Capture Suspects In Carjacking That Left Woman Paralyzed

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A major break in a violent carjacking that left a suburban mom paralyzed.

Aurora police revealed they captured two suspects. CBS 2's Steven Graves reports from Aurora where h just spoke to the victim's family.

Family of the woman tell CBS while the arrests are a relief, it's like reopening a wound, so they don't want to say more. And with the arrests, Aurora police said they have connected multiple carjackings to this one case.

On Thursday, as Kim Weibring continues to recover from a gunshot wound to her back, possible answers into who left her paralyzed for the rest of her life.

Three months after her meal in a Wendy's parking lot turned into a carjacking, Aurora Police had two suspects. Police said the break in the case came because of a tip from the public.

"We rely on the public," said Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman.

That led to numerous felony weapons and carjacking charges. One suspect, 26-year-old Edward McGee of Harvey. Another, an unnamed 16-year-old.

"Because the juvenile was 15 years old at the time of the incident, the Kane County State's Attorney's Office has petitioned to have the charges upgraded to adult," said Commander Jack Fichtel of the  Aurora Police Department.

Police believe four suspects in all attacked Weibring. And that they committed carjacking before coming to Aurora. One involved a Ford Explorer taken from Dekalb County. That vehicle, according to police, parked in the Wendy's lot and was low on gas before Weibring's attackers took her SUV.

In late January, officers found the mom's bullet ridden vehicle in Harvey. Around that time, investigators also learned one suspect, a-15-year old, was shot dead in Lansing.
Officers there said it happened during an attempted carjacking.

This mother's case is just one tragic incident wrapped in a rash of carjackings in the Chicagoland area.

"I don't know when you look at a juvenile and you place a gun in that hand how anyone could believe this is a game," Ziman said. "Real bullets come out of a gun that's being held by a 15-year-old. And as we see, a woman is paralyzed for the rest of her life because of that."

Police are still looking for that fourth suspect. For that reason, authorities would not talk about the tip that came in. But the chief says it cracked the case.

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