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Atop Expressway, A Woman Expresses Her Opinions

(WBBM Newsradio) -- If you take the Kennedy Expressway, you have probably wondered: What's the story with that woman on a pedestrian overpass north of Foster and what's with all her signs?

WBBM's Steve Miller is about to tell you.

She is a 61-year-old Jefferson Park resident; born in Evanston; and raised in Washington State. She's been back in Chicago for 35 years.

"I am the daughter of a criminal defense attorney, and my father also told me and ingrained in me to stand up for what I believe in," Veronica Wolski says.

She believes in Bernie Sanders. And her signs Thursday said: "Repeal & Replace Congress" and "Vote Them Out."

Veronica Wolski Sign
A rear view of one of Veronica Wolski's signs. It reads "VOTE THEM OUT." (Steve Miller/WBBM)

Cars and trucks honk in support.

WBBM asks: "Do you talk to them, ever?"

"Normally what I do is sing to myself, but if somebody puts their hand out the window, I'll call down to them, 'Thank you.'"

Veronica Wolski Woman Over The Kennedy
Veronica Wolski greets motorists from an overpass along the Kennedy Expressway. (Steve Miller/WBBM)

She says some people, on the other hand, call up to her: "Go home, go home."

"I always say, 'I'll go home when the country's right,'" Wolski says.


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